Brad Leontsinis

Wildlife and conservation have been central themes in Brad’s life from childhood. It is not surprising that his passion and dedication for the natural world resulted in a career which has continued to revolve around this theme.

Having first worked as a wildlife guide in 2003, and having subsequently worked throughout Africa in the wildlife and conservation industry, Brad has a wealth of experience and today works as a specialist wildlife guide and photographer for African Insider, an eco-tourism company which he co-founded.

Along this path Brad developed a keen interest for photography which spoke to the creative in him and quickly developed into a focus of his journeys. “Through imagery we are able to tell the stories of the exotic places we go and the precious inhabitants who call them home. These are usually places in dire need of protection and through the power of photography we are able to capture the essence of why their conservation is so important. The power of eco-tourism makes this possible and is the best tool we have to protect our natural heritage. Travel created with conscious awareness of environment and community allows us to craft experiences for our clients which give them the best experiences available while conserving and protecting the places they visit.”

With his training being rooted in the Sciences with an environmental and ecological background, Brad firmly believes that partnering business with research and tourism is the best conservation strategy which exists. Having managed and run lodges in several countries in Africa, as well as lead trips throughout many regions on the wild continent, Brad has an excellent logistical grasp of it takes to make a journey all it can be and knows exactly how to manage people’s experiences from the start of the booking process to the final moment of departure. His passion and remarkable knowledge of the natural world and almost all of its inhabitants make time spent with Brad extremely interesting and exciting. He will push your limits on safari and remind you just what it means to be alive and a part of this great planet which we share with some special creatures.