Marie-noëlle & Ives Puret (Paris, France)

“We wanted to say you everything was wonderful, amazing and just perfect. Your choices for us was great. We were so happy during the 2 weeks.
Firstly, Rocktail was a good place to relax and we had a great time and got to meet very kind South African people.
And in Botswana ….!!!!  It was a fireworks display for us. We enjoyed the 2 different camps. Gomoti being the more rustic and authentic camp. I never will forget my night with the lions roaring around my tent. Then Xigera was so beautiful and we were lucky to see a leopard in the camp walking back to our room one night. REALLY amazing. We actually saw leopards in BOTH camps! One female with her baby and the same female pulling an impala it had killed.

The most amazing for us was to seeing all those animals in nature.
One more time, thanks for all. We enjoyed our trip so much, we just want to  start all over again.
All was so beautiful, amazing and wonderful.”

Guest Photo Gallery