Predator Epic

The Experience

Predators are some of the most sought after and exciting characters in the incredible ecosystem of the African wilderness. With this in mind we have chosen a particularly productive region in the Greater Kruger area of South Africa, which provides predator viewing unrivalled by any other in Africa. Leopards are the ghosts of the bush and many a safari traveller fails to tick this phenomenal species off their list. We can have no such thing for our guests and with this in mind have created the African Insider Predator Epic.

The lodges and areas we have chosen provide the best leopard viewing available in Africa today. The standard and quality of the lodges is of the highest caliber in the industry matched only by the concentration of game and predator viewing which they can provide.

This experience is out of reach for most safari travellers and takes a right turn where the average tourists go left. If you believe in value, join us on the right road where few others have travelled.

Recent Sightings

A Sneak Peek

Action packed sighting will keep you on the edge of your seat... with your finger firmly on your camera really to fire!

A priceless sighting
An Impala Lily sprout with a promise of spring
A young male leopard surveys his surrounding before leaping to the top of the tree where his kill awaits
Lowveld sunrise
Being with predators at night reminds us of their power
These hyena cubs kept us entertained with their inquisitive playfulness
Pups having some quality time with an engorged female hyena (Mom)
She took to the water for some relief from her excessively full stomach
Marula Tree a it's winter best
Beautiful male Nyala
Southern Yellow billed Hornbills showing off there stuff - breeding display
Luxury lodging in breath-taking locations; feel immersed into the wildberness
Boma dinners where you'll share stories of the days adventures
Capturing the dry lowveld landscape perfectly
Female leopard and her cub
Female leopard and her confident little cub - a special sighting
Dominating male lion coalition - The Majingilane Pride
Young sub-adult female lion fresh off a kill
Cubs using their dinner as a playground
A little playtime
Open vehicles, and experienced, passionate guides will make this an experience not to be missed.

Why Go?

  • A photographers dream. The perfect experience for a privately guided photographic trip. Get the shots you have always dreamed of with the help of a specialist photographic guide.
  • Unrivalled leopard viewing.
  • View some of Africa’s most iconic species in close quarter game viewing experiences.
  • Exclusive lodging of the highest caliber.
  • A diverse and beautiful region.
  • The perfect experience as a stand alone, or to combine with a tailor made itinerary to experience more of Africa.

Photographic focused Trip:

  • Improve photographic skills in some of the most stimulating environments available.
  • Post production skills development and assistance.
  • Learn how to apply your photographic skills to the demands of wildlife photography.


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Sample Experience

  • 9 Nights in 3 camps
  • Includes: 
    • All meals and beverages
    • 2 daily safari activities

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