Rwandan Experience

The Experience

In Rwanda there is a saying, “God roams the world but comes to rest in Rwanda”. When you see the beauty of Rwanda, you’ll understand why!

This country is often a forgotten location when considering Africa, however for the seasoned safari goer or adventurer it’s one NOT to be missed.  As one of most important hot spots of bio-diversity remaining today, Rwanda has many experiences to offer. With a fascinating history and an array of wildlife, it is every naturalists dream destination. The stand out attraction is undoubtedly the remarkable and intimate encounter with the endangered Mountain gorillas. There are currently 10 habituated families in the region that are thriving thanks to the support from visitors like you through ecotourism.

There are no more then 8 people allowed per Gorilla trek to ensure the gorillas are never over crowed and the experience is kept intimate. To be a part of one of the most remarkable wildlife adventures which exist today click ….CONTACT US


Northward lies a chain of five volcanoes, home to the Mountain Gorillas and the Golden Monkeys.

South West lies Nyungwe Forest, the last and largest track of montane rainforest in the region. In the forest you’ll find not only colonies of astonishing Colobus Monkeys, but over 100 species of orchids and 250 species of bird.

To the East, stretching from North to South is Akagera National Park, a haven forbirds and heaven for birders.

West is Lake Kivu, “a veritable inland sea” dotted with picturesque islands

A Sneak Peek

A taste of what Rwanda has to offer... a real bucket list experience

Mountain Gorilla family band
Mountain Gorilla - Silver Back
Golden Monkey
Rwanda Intore dancers
Nyungwe Forest
Nyungwe Forest
Canopy Skywalk over the forest canopy
Volcanoes National park
Rwanda lodging
Akagera National Park, elephant approaching
Akagera National Park, hippo
Akagera National Park, journey of giraffe
Akagera National Park, herd of tsessebe

Why Go?

  • A true once in a life time experience, trekking the endangered Mountain Gorillas
  • Unique close up photographic opportunities 
  • Breath taking volcanic scenery  
  • A country with a story that needs to be heard and remembered
  • The Rwandan history and culture
  • Rwanda is a region that is about to have even more to offer in terms of luxury lodging


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Sample Experience

  • 2 nights in Kigali, for a round trip of history and culture of Rwanda
  • 2 nights in Akagera National Park, a wildlife safari in the scenic Akagera National park
  • 2 nights in Volcanoes National Park, for a bucket list up close experience with the endangered Mountain Gorillas & Golden Monkeys 

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