Sam Leontsinis

Few people are as well liked and loved as our beloved MD, Samantha. Sam is a people’s person with a phenomenal drive and a specialist’s eye for detail. This has resulted in Sam achieving great success in business at a young age.

After studying marketing, she gained experience in several roles before quickly finding her stride and rising to the top ranks of Missing Link, a fast paced, forward thinking and innovative presentation and strategy company. Working with some of the top corporates in the country such as First National Bank, Investec, Coca-Cola and Dimention Data… to name a few, Sam gained invaluable experience in a highly competitive and results driven environment, which was the perfect practice for what lay ahead of her in travel. Sam was the Managing Director at Missing Link for 6 years before Brad in his boldest move yet managed to secure her role in African Insider with her passionate love for wildlife and it’s conservation as the lure. Sam has refined the processes and systems of African Insider and helped to create a special product. When Brad met Sam, she quickly told him : “I love wildlife and the natural world, but the only stars I sleep under are 5 stars ☺” She has brought this ethos with her into the work place and refined the product into something we are truly proud of.

“A big part of why Brad and I put so much effort into this is because Africa needs to be seen as much as it needs to be protected. And that’s our role here. Making sure our clients experience is of the highest quality means that Africa gets to tell it’s truly beautiful tale of adventure, passion and beauty. I’ve put all of our business and process knowledge into making sure your journeys with African Insider are 100% seamless and unforgettable. As far as we are concerned our guests are our family and must be treated as such throughout their journey.”