Experience Rwanda – A Visual Journey

Rwanda is one of the most fascinating countries I have visited. With a tragic recent history, the experience is gripping at all times. Forming part of the Albertine Rift Valley, it is a bio-diversity hot spot of Africa with many endemic flora and fauna species. The most famous being the Mountain Gorilla - and seeing them is simply life changing. 

Experience Rwanda with us through this visual journey. 

We start our journey in Kigali, the capital City of Rwanda. A fascinating African city, spotless and proud. 

A city which is certainly worth a visit. From deliciously gourmet coffee shops, set up in what feels like some ones home to the vibrant Kigali markets there is something for everyone. 

There are charming and authentic art galleries, beautifully rustic restaurants with scrumptious menus and of course the difficult but extremely touching Kigali Genocide Memorial and Museum. 

Next we head up to Bisate Lodge in Kinigi. The Virunga Region is home to Volcanoes National Park and one of two remaining populations of Mountain Gorillas left in the world. 

More than a lodge, Bisate is a conservation project. With dreams of reforestation between Bisate and Volcanoes National Park, the ultimate goal of securing more space for the Gorillas seems achievable. 

View from Bisate Lodge to Volcanoes National Park, the home to around 450 of the remaining 880 Mountain Gorillas. 

Walking into your first moments with the Gorillas can be surprisingly emotional. When they look at you, eyes heavy with emotion,  you suddenly become aware of just what a special and privileged moment it is. 

The power of the Silverbacks is immediately apparent. Being in their presence is awe inspiring and humbling. 

One of the special Gorilla sightings was of a mom and her 1 week old baby. She gave us such trusting and gentle looks. 

                      The young Gorillas are endlessly entertaining. The expressions of all the Gorillas were fascinating at all times. 

                      It feels like a unique and special privilege to be accepted by these completely wild animals. To be at such close proximity to them is a wonderful feeling. 

                      But it is not all about the Gorillas! The country is unique and fascinating. The views are endless and the people are friendly and welcoming. 

                      The region has the highest number of endemic species in Africa. The Golden Monkeys and Rwnezori Bearded Chameleon, pictured below are two special species which are among them. 

                     To be one of a few people who will ever get to experience the marvels of Rwanda, particularly the phenomenal Mountain Gorilla experience, is an indescribable privilege. A bucket list item if ever there was one! 

                     This is a place I am in a hurry to return to! Join us next time. 


About the Author

Brad Leontsinis

Through his guiding career, Brad developed a passion for wildlife photography and believes strongly in the idea of conservation through photography. “I believe through the power of imagery, we are able to tell compelling stories about the moments which matter most.” Brad is fantastic at helping people with their own photography and ensures the only things more vivid than the memories you leave with, are the images that tell your stories.



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    Brilliant Brad
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