Stefanie Perelmuter (Canada)

“ I wanted to get back to you about how much I enjoyed my time in Zimbabwe.

People were friendly and helpful every step of the way.

The Old Drift  is lovely, comfortable, a wonderful new site.

Vic Falls was spectacular, as hoped for, and the idea of us going super early in the morning paid off, we had almost no one else there to get in the way of photos or the experience in general.

Absolutely everything to do with Linkwasha was fantastic- the staff, the guide, the food, the facilities, the animals…I cannot believe I almost didn’t go on Safari. I would recommend this trip to any and all who would listen to me. I am very picky and was very comfortable and satisfied the entire time. The staff even made an effort to sit with me at meals as I was travelling alone so I got to know a few of them a bit better and understand more of the local story and politics, which I loved.

Some animals were not in the area, so sure, didn’t see rhinos and only 1 giraffe, but tons of elephants, zebras, wildebeests, various antelopes, lions, baboons……was really fantastic. And the hide they have is incredible as a viewing station.

A few pix attached but never the same as being there in person!

Thank you for all your help, I will recommend you to friends and family.”

Stefanie Perelmuter – Canada

Guest Photo Gallery

The mighty Victoria Falls
A pride of lion in Hwange National Park
Female Lion in Hwange National Park