Joyce & John Wagner (Pennsylvania USA)

“Our Family’s African Experience with African Insider…

John and I were celebrating our 50th anniversary and wanted to do something really special with our family. A trip to Africa seemed to be the answer since we had visited that beautiful country several times and each time commented to each other “the kids would REALLY like this!”  Like is not a strong enough word… they loved it and keep talking about ‘the next time they go’!

Brad and Sam,our African Insiders, were our first class travel agents. The tour and arrangements they made were top notch and very well thought out. Each place we visited was exceptional and each one was a notch above the last…if you can imagine that! The stay at each place (about 3 days) was perfect. We were ready to move on to the next. There were things that all 22 of us enjoyed.

The staff was very welcoming, sleeping accommodations were great, the food was delicious, game viewing and sightseeing were extra-ordinary.

We started with a one night rest in Johannesburg before the first flight up to Victoria Falls. What an experience to view that magnificent creation from one side, but also to walk to the very edge of the falls to the Angel’s Armchair! Having dinner at the Boma is a ‘must’, too.

From Victoria Falls, we were driven to Chobe Game Park. Here the game viewing from the Chobe River as well as on the game drives was spectacular. Each place had been informed that we were celebrating our anniversary and here at Chobe they had prepared a special dinner for our family complete with candlelight, a special decorated cake and singing! It was just beautiful.

We then left Chobe, and part of our group flew to Cape Town. Brad and Sam made the connecting accommodation, they have all the connections for whatever kind of travel you need! Those of us in Cape Town enjoyed the sights and shopping, an interesting and a welcome change from the game viewing. Our girls enjoyed the market where the local artisans sold their merchandise. It was fun wheeling and dealing with them, a different way of shopping for us. Our stay at 12 Apostles was first class…those dear people couldn’t do enough for us!

From here, we flew up to Sabi Sabi to be reunited with the rest of the group and that game viewing was the icing on the cake! Again…we were treated like royalty and were loved on by the whole staff!

At EVERY place we stayed, there was something special to welcome us as we celebrated our anniversary, thanks to Brad and Sam, I’m sure.  Thanks for that special touch, we felt so loved everywhere, starting with a bottle of wine in our room, a special meal, roses and candlelight.

Just let me say, if you are planning a trip to Africa, be sure to have Brad and Sam assist you with the planning so you don’t miss anything. Stay as long as your schedule allows you to, there is so much to see and do!  Thanks, Brad and Sam, for helping to make our Anniversary trip one that will be remembered for the rest of our lives!

The Happy Travellers,

John & Joyce Wagner and family”


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