Linda, Akira Sakane and Friends (San Diego California)

“I was thinking about what I could say that would get the point across of how we all feel… Before we went to South Africa, we were all very good friends. But when we came back we discovered that we shared a deep and unbreakable bond, more profound, more loving than mere friendship. The poignant and funny and exciting times we shared over those two weeks were unexpected and unparalleled, and brought us together in so many different ways.

Now that we are home we get together often, and our biggest topics of conversation are always… How will we ever beat the trip to lion sands? What city can ever compare to Cape Town? Will we eat food as magnificent as at The Test Kitchen? When will we go back?

We are all still somewhat dumbfounded by our experiences in South Africa, as well as saddened by the fact that it is already a memory. We look back at it with a strange and sad longing. It seems that just about every animal imaginable came out to greet us. And all the people… they were wonderful and helpful and interesting.

And lastly, our luxury trip ended up being extremely inexpensive compared to what it would have cost us to visit the Orient or Europe. And so much better in so many ways.

Personally, I could die tomorrow knowing that I took the most wonderful of trips. It was a life-changing experience, and you and Sam had so much to do with it.”

Guest Photo Gallery

Mom and Son
Hyena on night drive
The view from our room
The locals out the lodge
Fish Eagle catch
Cape town - what a city