Best Wildlife Moments of 2017

A showcase of just a few of the most beautiful moments which our extensive travels in 2017 brought our African Insider guests. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of Africa and start planning your next trip today.

Chantal Stein – Eye of the leopard. Duma Tau, Linyanti, Botswana


Harriet Johnstone – Singita, Kruger, South Africa


Djon Brown Umlani, Timbavati, South Africa


Brad Leontsinis –  View from a Mokoro ride, Okavango Delta, Botswana


Cindy Osborne Table Mountain from the shores of Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa


Congratulations to Djon and Erin Brown on their recent union. What a way to celebrate.  – Timbavati, South Africa


Brad Leontsinis – Fish Eagle Flight, Okavango Delta


Harriet Johnstone – Penguin Colony, Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa


Roger Howell – Hoanib Camp, Skeleton Coast, Namibia


Harriet Johnstone – White Rhino, mother and calf.

Rhinos continue to be poached at rates which can only be described as slaughter. The demand from the Asian market for rhino horn is insatiable and an unwillingness on government level in African countries to combat the scourge has caused the largest spike in poaching in decades.


Brad Leontsinis – Elephants of the Linyanti, Botswana


Cindy Osborne – South Africa first timers, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa


Frank Furstenburg – African Skies. Ivory Lodge, Sabi Sands, South Africa.


Brad Leontsinis – The Challengers, Kafue, Zambia.

Male lions are ousted from their prides by their fathers when they are around 18 months old. The youngsters become nomadic and roam freely for several years while they gain experience and maturity. In that time they stick with their brothers and sometimes join forces with other nomadic males to form what will become a powerful coalition. Once they come of age around 5 – 7 years these coalitions will challenge other coalitions of territorial males in an attempt to take over their pride lands, hunting grounds and the treasured females which make up the lion prides. 


Djon Brown – Young Zebra, Umlani Camp, Timbavati, South Africa


Brad Leontsinis – Elephant Charge no.3 for the day. Okavango Delta, Botswana.


Harriet Johnstone Majestic Africa. Ulusaba lodge, Sabi River, Sabi Sands, South Africa


Congratulations to Fabiano & Candice Celini on their new arrival in 2018. Livingstone, Victoria Falls, Zambia.


Brad Leontsinis Sunset Mokoro ride on lake of lili’s. Kanana Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.


Roger Howell Hot Air Balloon ride, views for miles. Kulala Camp, Sosussvlei, Namibia


Harriet Johnstone Leopard in a tree!!! Ulusaba, Sabi Sands, South Africa.


Djon Brown Buffalo Portrait, Timbavati, South Africa.


Brad Leontsinis Wisdom, Camp Okuti, Botswana.


Making new friends with Ker & Downey in Botswana


Djon BrownLazy lioness. Timbavati, South Africa


Chantal SteinWild Dogs, Savuti camp, Savuti Channel, Botswana


Brad Leontsinis My sighting of the year. Elephants crossing the Linyanti Lagoons. Duma Tau, Linyanti, Botswana.


Harriet Johnstone Lions up to no good. Beware! Singita, Kruger, South Africa


Brad Leontsinis The big Sniff –  Okuti camp, Botswana


Cindy Osbourne – La Calombe restaurant, ranked 7th best restaurant in the world. Taking fine dining on a whole new level. Cape Town, South Africa


Cindy Osborne – Little Leopard. Ivory Lodge, Sabi Sands.


Harriet Johnstone Rhino Calf, South Africa.


African Insider A special Moment. Okuti Camp, Botswana


Brad Leontsinis – Wild Dogs on the hunt. Duma Tau, Savuti Channel, Botswana.


Jeff & Harriet Johnstone, honeymoon in Singita & Ulusaba, South Africa


Brad Leontsinis Young leopard looking dismayed after losing his kill to a pack of Wild dogs. This day belonged to the dogs. Duma Tau, Savuti Channel, Botswana.


African Insider Brad on a private guided trip with a fantastic group in Botswana.



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